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It is critical for the success of any project to have an effective project manager. We train project managers from numerous industries and we know when we come across a good project manager. We help our clients find the right project manager for their projects. Where we place emphasis on finding the right match during a candidate selection process, we also look for the following aspects in a candidate.


A successful project manager must have in-depth experience in the industry that he or she is seeking a position in as well as exhibit the acumen needed to succeed in that industry. Industrial experience is a fundamental aspect that must be considered during any search for a project manager.

PMBOK Adherence

We have come across all sorts of project management processes during our careers. While we respect them all, we believe the PMBOK combines collective knowledge of projects managers from diverse backgrounds and look for adherence of the candidates to this standard. We believe that as a team disciplines itself to adhere to a standard it is more likely to perform efficiently.

Past Performance

Behavior in past projects speaks volumes about a project managers success in future ones. We inquire deeply about the past projects a project manager had undertaken. Specifically, we look for the success or failure factors the project manager identifies and the lessons learned from those projects.