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Traditional Classrooms

Traditional classes provide a face-to-face interaction between the instructor and the participants in a classroom setting. These classes focus on individual needs and provide a high degree of interaction between the instructor and the participants as well as among the participants. They also provide an excellent environment to network and form study groups in the same local area. We offer these classes at our preselected locations. However, if you'd like us to offer a class at your location, please contact us to make arrangements.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms are offered to geographically dispersed participants via a virtual classroom. A live instructor presents the material and facilitates learning by participant engagement as the course progresses. Studies have shown that online classes fare slightly better than traditional classes. These classes are very convenient as the participants may attend the classes from anywhere and yet interact with other experienced project managers to learn from their experiences and share their own. Audio, video, desktop sharing, and chat facilities are available for active participation.

Online Courses

Online Courses are available on desktop or numerous mobile devices. Participants may ask questions via a discussion forum. This setup is very convenient as the participants may learn at their own pace, from their own locations, and at times convenient to them.

Once registered one has sixty days to finish the course and pass assessments for proper credit.

PMP Course

Our course to prepare for Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam is taught by highly trained professionals who have extensive experience in Project Management. Course materials are also available online via desktop and through various mobile devices. To provide realistic experience in Project Management, we also utilize STS SimulTrain, a Project Management smiluator. It is a very productive tool that allows you to make and learn from your mistakes. (See introduction and a video, also check out a free demo.)


Course Catalog

We offer courses in Project Management and Computer Science. Please visit our Learning Management System to view all available courses. All of them are available via Virtual Classroom so that you may learn from anywhere.

Convenient Locations

Using Traditional Classrooms, we offer the PMP course in more than 50 locations across the nation. Some of them are in:

Atlanta, GA Boston, MA
Chicago, IL Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA Minneapolis, MN
New York City, NY Orlando , FL
Washington, DC picture


We offer the following discounts.

Volume Discount for five or more registrations.

Early Registration Discount for registering thirty days in advance.