Let Career Opts introduce to you your next star performer!

Information Technology today has transformed itself to be the backbone of almost any organization. A singular weak link in the chain of the IT processes can greatly impact an organization's final outcome and its bottom line. Today, in order for any organization to be competitive, it must engage and retain the most competitive IT talent. Where we cater to our clients' general IT needs, we specialize in the following:


Whether our client's needs call for an expert in JAVA or .Net based technologies, we can help find the right match for them. Our technical staff ensures only high quality candidates are sent to the client. They know the internals of web development and look for those talents in candidates for such positions.

Big Data

Big Data is making big waves these days. Many of our clients are interested in locating highly trained and experienced talent in this area to build their Big Data related components. However, many times there are few experts available to identify the most talented candidate and here's how we can help. Our staff has experience working with Big Data and can easily spot talent for you.

Search Engine

The Search Engine technology has matured significantly in the past few years. Many companies are now looking to host their own search facility for internal use purposes. At the same time several proprietary and open source products have emerged on the horizon to fulfill these needs. We help our clients find the right candidate to assist them with creating such facilities.