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Your career is the focus of our organization. Our mission is to help you upgrade yourself and become more competitive in today's competitive environment. We bring instructors with exceptional skills and vast experiences to teach our classes. We utilizes state-of-the-art technological tools to supplement your learning experience. This includes online web-conferencing, forums, practice quizzes, simulation and training software on desktop as well as mobile devices.

We bring together talented participants for our classes to provide comparative insight and a challenging environment for learning and excelling.



Next, we work with you to present your best corporate face forward: your resume. Our experienced and talented resume writing staff tirelessly work with you to create the first document that your future-boss ever see. We continue to improve your resume until you are satisfied. A well-written resume certainly conveys the message to your future-boss that you are a quality conscious professional.

Our staff looks for numerous aspects of your resume including layout, choice and strength of words, length, and grammar. A tiny mistake in any of these aspects may result in a significant difference in the future employer's decision.



Finally, we help you by finding a right match for you with an employer. We have curated relationships with employers who trust our professional judgments and respect our opinions. We realize that a fulfilling career is much more than a match of skills with employer needs. We pay special attention to the personal aspects of the match.


A Little About Us

We are passionate about helping you achieve your full potential. We are a Registered Education Provider of PMI, accredited by BBB, and a partner of STS.


Course Deliveries

Traditional Classes provide a face-to-face interaction with the instructor and the participants in a classroom setting

Virtual Classrooms are offered to geographically dispersed participants via a classroom setup web-conferencing system.

Online Courses are available as Flash presentations with slides and recorded lectures.

All of these methods have course materials available online via desktop as well as various mobile devices.

Convenient Locations

We offer classes in more than 50 locations across the nation. Some of them are in:

Atlanta, GA Boston, MA
Chicago, IL Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA Minneapolis, MN
New York City, NY Orlando , FL
Washington, DC picture

Discounts & Guarantee!

We offer multiple discounts. If you are unsatisfied with any of our services, we urge you to contact us immediately.

Volume Discount for five or more registrations.

Early Registration Discount for registering thirty days in advance.

100% Money Back Guarantee for our Online Courses.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for our Resume Service.