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Fast-Track Program

We have created a comprehensive yet a fast-track computer science and information technology program. Graduates of this two-year program would be fully prepared to launch their career in the IT industry.

We bring together talented participants for our classes to provide comparative insight and a challenging environment for learning and excelling.

All of our classes for this two-year program start after 5 PM EST. They are offered via virtual classrooms and so students may take them from anywhere. Lecture recordings are generally made available for review.

Professional Tracks

We offer training in the following tracks:

  1. Computer Programming
  2. Computer Networking
  3. Database Administration
  4. System Administration
  5. Software Engineering

You need to specialize in only one of these specialties in order to launch your career in IT. For a current list of all the courses, detailed information about them, and the topics covered by them, please visit our Learning Management System.


This program focuses on providing a balance of computer science along with current technologies in IT. In these courses, you'd learn technologies such as JAVA, J2EE, .Net, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, SQL, Linux, MongoDB, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, XQuery, ERP, SAP, firewalls, routers, project management, subversion, git, Web-related technologies, and many others.


Registration is free at our Learning Management System. Admissions are on first come first served basis. Classes start date is January 7. High School diploma or equivalent is required. Estimated effort for students is thirty hours per week.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms are offered via a web-conferencing system. Studies have shown that online classes fare slightly better than traditional classes. Students can devote more time to studying instead of commuting. Our system provides state-of-the-art web-conferencing system that allows live interaction with the instructor.

A live instructor presents the materials, facilitates discussions, and online learning. Audio, video, desktop sharing, and chat facilities are available for active participation. The instructor may view students. desktop and vice versa.


Classes run for three months, a quadmester. Payments may be spread out over the quadmester, so that they amount to only $295 per month. Compare it with about $800 per month tuition for some state universities.


We have an in-house placement service that would assist you to get a high-paying job even before you finish the program.

Discounts & Guarantee!

We offer multiple discounts. If you ware unsatisfied with any of our services, we urge you to contact us immediately.

Volume Discount for five or more registrations.

Early Registration Discount for registering thirty days in advance.

100% Money Back Guarantee for our Online Courses.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for our Resume Service.